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     IRVINE, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)—Jan 1, 2000—Internet users can now  double click to get quick answers to their regulatory questions without being experts on the structure and content of government  regulatory sites.

    Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology and Medical Device companies are in an expensive, high-stakes race to achieve global product approval as quickly as possible.  Wading through the maze of regulations and related information required to get products approved requires lots of time and special expertise. simplifies this process by providing a way to reach this information quickly and efficiently. V.P. of Finance and Business Development, Duncan Merritt, said that this unique Internet site functions as a facilitator, categorizing and organizing the massive amount of regulatory information in a way that allows researchers to quickly find answers to their immediate questions.

     "Pharmaceutical R&D is a very expensive, very risky and very time consuming process.  Companies need to make sure that the studies they conduct give them the best chance to get their products approved for sale." Merritt explained. "Where can they efficiently find out what governments around the world require? Where can they find other vital information related to drug development? provides an organized way to get to this information."   "Given the expense, time and risk involved, creating a product development plan is essential.  But it's difficult because each country's drug application requirements are different.  The regulations are voluminous, difficult to search and constantly changing." 

     " was developed by experts in the field who saw an opportunity to simplify the process by organizing the information so that people can get to it in a logical and consistent fashion."  It benefits everyone when the work on new drugs is conducted in a way that meets governmental requirements.  The likelihood of approval is improved, costs are reduced and important drugs get on the market faster. brings that information in an organized fashion, directly to the desktop of the people who need it.

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