This is a wonderful regulatory resource. Thanks for the good work and organization. Roberta Noel, Assistant Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Amgen,Inc

In this day and age of information over load, I am impressed with the easy access, depth and function of this web site. Not only does it supply a regulatory, compliance and knowledge base reference, but also personal and industry needs as well. Simply put, it's simple to use. It encompasses almost all of our vast data bases which we must search on for our information needs. Having it in one site makes my life easier. Thanks! Keep up the excellent service. I am trying to get this site as a link on our intranet site . Dean E. Murphy, RAC, Head of Global R&D QA, Novartis Ophthalmics

I'm impressed by your Homepage on Regulatory information especially with the depth and breadth of information. Dhiren Shah, Ph.D., Director, Regulatory-CMC, U.S. Drug Regulatory Affairs, Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

I just became aware of your site through the PDA discussion group. I have added it as a link on our QA homepage and informed members of our workgroups. It is the best site that I have seen for information that is useful. Al Holstein, Roche Bioscience

It benefits everyone when there is quick and easy access to governmental requirements.  The likelihood of approval is improved, costs are reduced and important products get to the market faster.  RegSource brings that information in an organized fashion, directly to the desktop of the people who need it.  George Cochran, consultant to the regulatory industry.

Your website is a valuable resource to professionals in Regulatory Affairs.  I help to manage a website for the Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group (OCRA) and intend to provide our members with a link to your site. Thank you for assembling this wonderful site.  Helene Spencer Webmaster

I have visited your web site and find it quite a useful resource. I have bookmarked it and intend to visit often. Not only does this site have useful information, it is also easy to navigate and best of all it is fast.  I have forwarded the URL to my colleagues ... in fact one called me from a business trip and asked about your site because he needed to look up some regulatory information in a hurry. Gautam Shah, Ph.D., Regulatory Affairs, Bayer

You have done a nice job on this, congratulations. Very easy to use and quite comprehensive. I will visit it again and would certainly encourage you to continue to grow the various sections. Dave Chesney, Director, Compliance Services, North America, KMI/Parexel

Your web site saves me several hours work each week. Thank you for the exemplary site and the "one-stop-shop" for at least 90% of my weekly Internet work. I have been busy e-mailing your website to several hundred IRB colleagues. Cassandra T. Carraway, Ed.D.,IRB/Compliance coordinator